A few words about me and this website.

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Hi, my name is Alexandre Nédélec. I am a software developer living in Bordeaux.

I graduated from the Engineer School ENSEIRB-MATMECA in Computer Sciences over 10 years ago. I am currently working for an IT consulting company specialized in Microsoft Technologies. I am a .NET and Azure enthusiast, primarily coding in C# but I like to discover other languages and technologies too. I want to keep learning and always become a better developer.

My blog and its posts are a good way to remind me of things I have learned, solutions and workarounds to some coding issues I have encountered and helpful tools I have used. This blog is also a place to write about things I am interested in and if it can make some people learn something new or help them solve a problem, that's for the better.

This website is built using Nuxt Content and NuxtUI Pro. It was initially created using the NuxtUI Pro SaaS template but was also inspired by other websites (like Nuxt website). Previously, my blog was generated using Statiq, but I have switched to Nuxt to benefit from the Nuxt ecosystem.

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The opinions expressed herein are my own and do not represent those of my employer or any other third-party views in any way.

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